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Indoor Air Quality

There are multiple products that we provide and install that will improve your indoor air quality. These include: Air Cleaners, Air Exchangers, Air Filters, Humidifiers and UV Lights.


Air Cleaners are high efficiency filter systems that eliminate odor, destroy bacteria & viruses and reduces pollen, dust & pet dander. They are installed into a forced air furnace and replaces your existing furnace filter.  It has a carbon media filter that needs to be replaced 1x/year and a UV light built in.  


Air Exchangers take the stale air from inside your house, exhausts it to the outside, bring in fresh filtered air from outside directly into the house.  They also help control high humidity levels. 


We provide all sizes of Air Filters and they should be replaced every 30 days. We also provide Air Media Filters that should be replaced once a year.


Humidifiers humidify the air during heating season. They also help reduce dry skin and electrostatic shocks.  We can install humidifiers in any home, whether you have a furnace or a boiler!


UV Lights kill off most bacteria and viruses, also reduces pollen, dust & pet dander. They are installed into your your return duct or the plenum of your furnace, depending on application.


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